Our multifunction power tools include saws series (handheld circular saws, Jigsaws, cut-off saws, reciprocating saws), Power Screwdriver, Drill Driver and Sanders.

Handheld Circular Saws

HYCHIKA Electric Mini Circular Saw 750W 6.2A 3500RPM (US/EU)

HYCHIKA 750W 3500RPM Mini Circular Saw with 3 Blades(115 & 125mm) for small hands, Laser Guide, Scale Ruler, Cutting Depth 48mm(90°), 32mm(45°), Compact Circular Saw for Wood, Tile and Soft...
$95.99 $68.99

Impact Wrenches & Drivers

Cordless Impact Wrenches with 3PCS Sockets 2000RPM 350Nm 18V/20V (EU/UK)

  4.0Ah Battery, 3000IPM Impact Frequency, 3pcs Sockets for 17/19/21mm, Adapter for 10mm Mandrel and Storage Box for Wheel Bolts ScrewdrivingItem No.​​​​​​​:IW350 Features1【Powerful torque, max 350N·m】The electric impact wrench has a...
$134.99 $119.00

Handheld Power Drills

Cordless Brushless Hammer Drill Sets 2.0 AH Battery 18V/20V (EU/US)

Item No.: HDB18F 【BRUSHLESS MOTOR 60 Nm】 🔨 The torque of the Drill Battery is 60 Nm with a brushless motor. 2 Variable speed 500/2000 RPM, impact frequency: 8000/32000 RPM. Compared...
$99.99 $79.99

Handheld Power Drills

Cordless Drill Driver 12V 30Nm Max with 1x1.5Ah Battery(UK/EU)

HYCHIKA Cordless Drill 30N·m Max Torque with 1500mAh Li-Ion Battery, 1H Fast Charging, 4PCS Flat Drills, 6PCS Twist Drills, 6PCS Screwdriver Bits, 5PCS Sockets, Carrying Bag.Item No.​​​​​​: DD-12BC Quick link:...
$57.99 $39.99

Handheld Power Drills

Cordless Drill Driver 12V 30Nm Max with 2x1.5Ah Batteries (EU)

HYCHIKA Cordless Drill 30Nm Max Torque with 1500mAh Li-Ion Battery, 1H Fast Charging, 4PCS Flat Drills, 6PCS Twist Drills, 6PCS Screwdriver Bits, 5PCS Sockets, Carrying Bag. Item No.:DD12B2C Features1. The...
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Handheld Power Drills

Cordless Drill Driver Set 1500RPM 20V/18V (US/EU)

  Item No.: DD18F 【21+1 Clutch & 2 Variable Speeds】Screwdriver + Drilling 2 functions in 1, the cordless drill is able to efficiently drive-in / out screws and offer versatile drilling and hammering...
$59.99 $49.99


Cordless Screwdriver, 6Nm Torque, 2000mAh Battery, 3.6V with 35 Accessories

Cordless Screwdriver 6 N.m, HYCHIKA 3.6V 2.0Ah Electric Screwdriver, Front LED and Rear Flashlight, Ratchet Spanner, DC Charging with USB Cable, 36pcs Accessories, Carrying Box.Item No.​: SD-4C Features1. The maximum...

Handheld Circular Saws

HYCHIKA Electric Mini Circular Saw 4500RPM, 500W 4.0A Pure Copper Motor (US/EU)

 Circular Saw with 3 Saw Blades, Laser Guide, Scale Ruler, 500W Pure Copper Motor, 4500RPM Ideal for Wood, Soft Metal, Tile, and Plastic Cuts. Saw Blades- Diameter: 85mm, Arbor: 10mm....
$89.99 $59.99

Handheld Circular Saws

HYCHIKA Corded Electric Circular Saw 1500W 4700RPM (EU/UK)

EU & UK Circular Saw Cutting depth: 90°: 65mm/45°: 45mm with 2 saw blades 190mm(24T/40T), copper motor, safety switch for wood DIYItem No.​​​​​​​: CS-190C Features 【POWERFUL COPPER MOT & 2 SAW...
$79.99 $54.99
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Handheld Circular Saws

Cordless Electric Circular Saw 4000RPM 18V (EU ONLY)

Item No.: CS165D 【Flexible Cutting】Through the adjustment knob, the angle can be adjusted within the range of 0°-45°, and it supports bevel cutting. When the cutting angle is 90°, the maximum...
$119.99 $65.99
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HYCHIKA Corded Mouse Detail Sander 200W 14000RPM (US/EU)

  200W 14000RPM Mouse Detail Sander with Dust Collector, 12PCS Sandpapers(140 * 140 * 80mm), Hand Sander for Wood, Ideal for Tight Space Sanding, Furniture Finishing.Part Number​​​​​​​: MS200W Features【14000RPM Powerful...
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HYCHIKA Corded Handheld Orbital Sander 2.5 Amp 300W 13000RPM

Item No. : OS300W【6 SPEED CONTROL & POWERFUL MOTOR】HYCHIKA orbital sander with a 2.5 AMP motor and provide 13,000 RPM which can provide you strong power to complete tasks with...
$39.99 $37.99


HYCHIKA Corded Electric Jigsaw 800W, 6 Amps, 800-3000SPM, ±45° Bevel 230V EU / 120V US

HYCHIKA Electric Jigsaw tool is suitable for cutting wood/ plastic plates / metal plates / stainless steel plates/ aluminum plates, 800W pure copper motor, Max Cutting Depth 110mm, the Electric Jigsaw...
$59.99 $39.99

Reciprocating Saws

Cordless Reciprocating Saw 18V, with 2x2000mAh Batteries, 0-2800rpm Variable Speed(EU)

HYCHIKA Cordless Reciprocating Saw EU 18V / US 20V 2Ah with 2 Batteries 4 Saw Blades, 0-2800SPM Variable Speed, 7/8" Stroke Length Tool-Free Blade Change LED Light for Wood Metal...

Air Inflators

Cordless Air Compressor, Portable Tire Inflator Power Bank 160PSI

Item No. : JYMH150-12C【Wireless rapid inflation】 2000 mAh rechargeable lithium battery, 8L/min air flow to inflate the bicycle in only 20 seconds, to inflate the R15 car tires in only...
$39.99 $32.99

Air Inflators

Cordless Air Compressor Tire Inflator 12V DC (Car Cigarette Lighter), 18V/20V Battery (EU/US)

Item No. IF1812A 【Multiple Uses】HYCHIKA cordless air compressor max air pressure is 160PSI, its low-pressure air flow rate is 13.4SCFM, which will inflate your car tire in seconds and save...
$95.99 $79.99


Cordless Angle Grinder Tool 8500RPM 18V/20V (UK/EU)

Item No. : AG18F 【Powerful Performance】HYCHIKA wireless angle grinder has a real effective speed of 8500 RPM. The excellent heat dissipation not only helps you to finish the works more stably...

Handheld Power Drills

Cordless Drill Driver 1500RPM and Impact Driver 2200RPM Combo Sets 20V/18V (EU ONLY)

  Item No.: CK18BF 【DURABLE AND EFFICIENT IMPACT DRIVER】The max torque for the impact driver is 160Nm and the no-load speed is 0-2200RPM, impact frequency is 0-3000BPM. With a quick-change chuck...
$139.99 $62.99
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Handheld Power Drills

HYCHIKA Power Tools Combo Kits for Home 20V 1500RPM

货号:HK18F【多用途家用工具包带盒】:104 件家用工具包,包括日常最常用的手动工具和钻头驱动器。适用于房屋周围的大多数小型维护、维修和家庭 DIY 项目。使一般维修、修理和维护工作更简单、更快捷。 【20V 无绳电钻和 LED】电钻具有 21 种不同的扭矩设置和钻孔功能。有 2 种变速,0-400RPM 和 0-1500RPM,适合广泛的钻孔和螺丝驱动应用。最大扭矩为 35 Nm,带有 10mm 自锁夹头。正反转变速触发器易于控制钻孔速度和反向出钻头。【符合人体工程学的设计,易于携带】 无线工具带有防滑舒适握柄,适合人体工程学设计,并为紧固任务提供理想的平衡和工具控制。工具整齐地存放在一个坚固的箱子中,带有内部模制隔层,以保护每个组件并方便取用。带有外壳的家用工具箱适合任何地方,例如您的工作室、家中、车库或汽车中。【种类齐全】工具包中有超过 104 个上门维修工具包,带钻头。羊角锤、锯子、水管钳、扳手、尖嘴钳、卷尺(16 英寸)水平仪、切纸机、螺丝刀头、自行车轮胎杠杆拆卸工具、链条拆卸器和其他用于重型无绳电钻的组合套件。【质量保证】 质量保证:我们的手动工具经过锻造强度,在正常使用中持续一生。每次购买均享有 1 年保修。如果您不满意,请随时与我们联系。
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Cordless Screwdriver 6Nm torque, 3.6V, 2000mAh Battery with 20 Accessories

SKU - CS69 Max 6 Nm torque and magnetic chuck: The maximum torque is 6 Nm and is suitable for screwing in the household. The 6.35 mm magnetic lining makes...
$29.99 $21.99

Handheld Circular Saws

Cordless Mini Circular Saw with 4.0Ah Battery

Item No.: M0Y-DC2001-115 【Powerful Applications】HYCHIKA cordless circular saw with 3 blades can easily cut wood, soft metals, tiles, plasterboard, plastics and more. The powerful battery circular saw has no rope restrictions and...
$139.99 $119.99

Reciprocating Saws

Cordless Reciprocating Saw with 4.0Ah Battery

Part Number: ML-RS18 【STRONG BATTERY LIFE】4000mAh battery packs with the installation of the indicator light and quick charger can extend the battery life and service time. The battery can be...
$99.99 $65.99


HYCHIKA Corded Electric Angle Grinder 900W

      Item No.: AG900A 【Compact】 HYCHIKA angle grinder is designed to be lightweight at only 3.5 lbs. and can be operated by either man or woman with one hand....
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Paint Sprayers

HYCHIKA Corded 4.6A Paint Spray HVLP Paint Sprayer

🎨【High Power HVLP Spray Gun】HYCHIKA spray guns have 550W/4.6A high power and are equipped with removable containers to provide excellent spraying results; a 9.8Ft power cord enables freedom of movement...
$48.99 $39.99
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